Thursday, 4 April 2019

Summer top

 summer top size small
Gauge approx. 2 pattern repeat and 5 rows 5*5 cm


700 m (760 yards)of Alize diva 100 gm (2 balls), metal hook 2 mm

ch 145,
row1: ch3.dc in 4th chain from hook,* skip 2 ch(dc,ch3,dc in the next)skip 2 ch , dc in next 2 ch* repeat from*to*
row 2: ch3, dc in next dc*ch2,dc in 3ch space, ch2 dc in next 2 dc*repeat from*to*

repeat these two rows till you have 17 rows, follow the chart for shaping

front: start like the back then follow the chart or shaping

join front and back together.
with front facing and starting under arm sc evenly  around( approm. 130 sc)

on lower edge sc evenly  276 stitches, join  ch4 skip 1 sc, dc in next, ch1 skip 1sc dc in next to end join (138)spaces
slip st in first space
row1:ch4, dc in the same space, *dc ch1 dc in next space* to end join
row2: ch 4, dc in the same st, dc ch1 dc in next dc * Join
row3:ch4 dc in the same st*dc in next dc, dc ch1 dc in the next* to the end, join
row4: dc in each dc.finish off

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