Monday, 7 July 2014

Water Bottle Cover

R1:Ch3 dc in each
R2:Ch3 dc in next 2dc in next* dc in next 2,2dc in next dc* around ,join (36dc)
R3: Ch3 dc in each next 2dc,2dc in next dc* I dc in each next 3 dc,2 dc in next dc* aound, join(45dc)
R4-7: Ch3 dc in each dc,join(45 dc)
If using 2 colours join new color here
R8: ch3,ch1,2 dc,ch1 in same stitch of joining*skip 4 dc (2dc,ch1,2dc,ch1) in next dc , around join with sc in begibing ch 3
R9: ch4 ,1dc ch1 in space between shells, sc in ch1 space of next shell around join in 3rd ch of begening V stitch
R10: sl. St in ch 1 space of first Vst.(,ch3,1dc,ch1,2dc,ch1)in same space, {ch2,1dc,ch1,2dc (shell )ch1} in next V st around.join.
Repeat R9&10 to required length( I made total 31 raws)
Re join first colour .
Sc in each st and ch1 space around.
Fasten off weave ends

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